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Supporting birth as normal and natural

Trinity Midwifery is a California, Bay Area Midwifery practice providing complete prenatal, birth, and postpartum care to women and families during and beyond the childbearing year, including breastfeeding support and well woman/family care. We believe pregnancy is the beginning of a journey into parenthood and an empowering, transformative event in the life of a family. Informed choice is an integral part of our journey with you. Trinity Midwifery is committed to assisting you with an amazing birth experience. We provide powerful prenatal care, safe and transformational labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care with loving support and building your community.

“For birth companions to simply be, to do nothing when nothing is all there is to be done, to offer support without judgement, guidance without attachment, love without conditions – that is perhaps the greatest challenge and the greatest gift.” ~Vicki Chan, Midwife



MY Mission

To assist your birth process with the highest level of integrity and honesty. Allowing you to relax as we care for you during this transformational time in your life. With expert care and professionalism, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands to feel empowered to have your baby in the way that resonates with you. 



If you are considering a home birth, I highly recommend Lael as your midwife. I was blessed enough to have used her for my first and only delivery in early 2016. My home birth experience was fantastic and the delivery of my 9 lb 10 ounces baby was the best delivery I could imagine!
— Diane
Lael has a soothing tone and just something about her puts me at ease. It’s a feeling that I’ve felt before with very few others…not quite déjà vu, but a spiritual match, a “we’re on the same page”/*thumbs up* type feeling. She’s bright and has a realistic and tenderhearted disposition. I’ve never once felt judged or compromised around her. Lael’s unique and refreshing personality goes far beyond babies and birth…I came to Lael with questions on how to handle transitioning my, VERY MUCH of an, only child, and she always had a suggestion I hadn’t heard before, or it was put into terms even a freaked out “attachment parent” could understand. Sometimes distraction and kisses just don’t work…
— Lyndsie
Lael is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of baby and has imparted invaluable knowledge to this new mom. I’ve text Lael with random questions even now 10 months after my birth and she always replies even though she isn’t getting paid to do so. She genuinely cares about her moms and their babies and it shows!
— D.B.
Lael has a terrific ability to intuit what you need during birthing and to bring the right amount of energy to the room.  She was a calming, positive, and fun presence for our older daughter before, during, and after her sister’s birth.
— Jisun
Lael was my midwife for all three of my deliveries and the experience I had with her was beyond anything I could have ever imagined, especially since my husband and I both were  apprehensive to have a home birth with our first child. Lael exudes confidence, not only in her own abilities, but in her trust of the birth process, which is extremely comforting during labor. During my labors she was like a rock, holding the space for me when things felt scary or uncertain. To this day, I look to Lael for guidance with raising my three children, and I  feel forever grateful to her, not only for ensuring I have three healthy births, but for the level of care she continues to provide for our family.
— Hayley M

Meet the Midwife

"I have been in awe of pregnancy and birth since I can remember. I was born at home in Mt Shasta, Ca in 1975. My mother was a brave pioneer in the movement back to natural birth. As a child I would tell my parents and their friends that I was going to be a baby delivery doctor, as I was at the time, unfamiliar with midwives.

After the birth of my first daughter in 1999, I began serving women and families as a doula. I realized then that my passion was being a baby delivery midwife. After personally birthing my own four children at home, I attended midwifery training through the National Midwifery Institute. I have had the privilege and honor of working with and studying under several accomplished midwives and doctors, in California, Germany, and Mexico.

As a mother of four children, ages 18, 16, 11, and 10,  I intimately understand the joys and challenges of parenting in the 21st century. I teach parenting and child development classes using the philosophy of Magda Gerber, Mindful Parenting and Waldorf methodology. I also teach anatomy and physiology of pregnancy to yoga teacher trainees (or anyone who will listen).

I have a personal relationship to and am incredibly well versed in a holistic approach to well woman and well family care and have expanded my practice to include the use of nutrition, herbs, homeopathic medicine, and Anthroposophic medicine.

I am STILL awed and inspired by the beauty and power of women and birth."

Professional certifications

Lael Stimming is a Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed Midwife through the Medical Board of California .  Lael is a member of the Bay Area Homebirth Collective, and the Bay Area Peer Review where she regularly attends meetings to discuss challenging cases and learns about the latest medical research regarding birth and evidence based practice. Lael holds a B.A. in International Relations and Psychology. Currently, Lael is training to be the first Anthroposophical Certified Professional Midwife.

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